OptinMonster is a great tool for creating popups and optin forms but it has a lot of other clever functionality as well.  I was always frustrated at how few optins I got from some of my pages that had a huge amount of visitors but didn't generate much engagement with the site.

For example, my page on the advantages of being left-handed receives over 10,000 unique page views per month but resulted in virtually zero optins to my email list.

So I implemented an OptinMonster content block on the page – what it does is at the selected point on the page it drops in an opt-in form and then blurs out the rest of the article so that the visitor cannot read it without entering their name and email address first.  This could be seen as pretty annoying but I think with some clever copywriting to set it up it actually makes it look like a benefit that you can get access to all of the “premium content” on the site just for entering your email address.

This is what it looks like on the page…

Content block using OptinMonster

This form is now converting to Optins at around 8% and adding an extra 20 people A DAY to my emails list, and of course they start to receive my main email sequence that educates them about left-handed products and why they needs them so some turn into extra sales as well.

A small percentage of the people who opt in do enter a made-up email address (around 5%), but they just get recorded as email bounces and deleted from the list.

And what about the 92% of visitors to that page who don't enter their email address and see the rest of the content on the page?  That page has a very high “bounce rate” anyway, meaning that a lot of people visit only that page and do not go anywhere else on my site.  So I think that, overall, I will make more profit by creating a better relationship with those that do register than from just leaving it to chance with all of the visitors.

I will be tracking and measuring.  What do you think?