These are some examples of projects we have been working on, with links to more about them and the websites, pages etc. where you can see them operating live. We have a wide experience across most types of online business and methods of marketing and can help you improve the results you are getting from your operation.

Just get in touch and we can arrange to have a chat about your business and how we may be able to help.

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E-Commerce: Anything Left-Handed Websites

Keith has owned and run the Anything Left-Handed business for more than 30 years (the last 20, since 1999, being mainly online) as well as advising other companies on their online sales and marketing activities. It is the original and largest specialist left-handed business in the world, having been started in a small shop in Soho, London in 1968.

The business has a main E-commerce site built with the Sellerdeck software and it is closely integrated with a WordPress site under a common theme and menus that has supporting information and general information on left-handedness. In addition, there are 3 further sites that are used as feeders to the main website, each with a different and less overtly commercial approach.

Click any of the images below to open the websites and pages.

Anything Left-Handed

Left-handed websites

Anything Left-Handed website
Left-Handers Day website
Left-Handed Children website
Left-Handers Club website
Main E-commerce site taking orders from around the world
Promotional site for International Lefthanders Day 13 Aug each year
Site focussed on helping children and children's information guides
Free club with over 100,000 members, monthly newsletters and product discounts

Left-handed social media channels

The content from the various websites is also posted to social media accounts, which provide additional sources of content and site visitors as well as a more interactive way to get feedback from followers.

Use of video for the left-handed business

Video is very important to the left-handed business, to demonstrate products and the benefits of left-handed versions that people may not normally be aware of. Video content is shared on Youtube and also embedded on product pages in the shop, blog post and posts to social media.

Anything Left-Handed Youtube Channel
Use of video on left-handed scissors section page
Use of video on left-handed pencil sharpener product page

Because video is so important to the business and there is often a need to do them quickly and without spending a lot of money, we shoot and edit them ourselves.

We don't need full professional quality, just a good demonstration of the products in action.

Monetising website traffic with affiliate / commission products

We have also been working on developing ranges of custom-printed products using services like CafePress (these are ordered and paid for on their site, drop-shipped direct to the customer and we earn commission on each sale, for doing nothing apart from sending people there, nice!).

Products printed with left-handed designs

Online marketing and business development consultancy

This website! is our main consultancy site aimed at potential clients and the showcase for all the work we do as well as the place we provide a lot of information to people who are looking for assistance with online marketing.

We use it as a vehicle for delivering both free and paid content and our own reference site for all the things we get up to.

This site also has information about us and some of the things we like doing out of work and is used to run experimental pages and promotions.

In additional to the website, we have a Facebook page for posting marketing and automation updates and a Youtube channel (that is only just getting going).

MyWebMarketingExpert Facebook page
My Web Marketing Expert website

Sales funnels and automated marketing

We plan, design and build sales funnels and automated follow-up systems that dramatically increase conversion rates from adverts click / visitors to customers:

  • Clickfunnels for landing pages and the flow through the sales message and booking / order systems with upsells, downsells and cross-sells to increase customer value
  • ActiveCampaign for intelligent automations, email follow-up sequences and tracking responses and subsequent website activity
  • Zapier to link systems that don't normally work together, including clients' in-house systems and databases
  • Creating graphics, reports, forms and other digital assets for the funnel and sales process
  • Retargeting of visitors who do not enter an email address using Facebook and Google Adwords
  • Tracking all activity in the funnel using Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and ActiveCampaign tracking for contact records.

We also create advertising campaigns to bring in targeted visitors who are likely to convert, while avoiding those that might cost money to reach but are unlikely to become customers. And for the keyword terms that convert we build search- engine-optimised content pages to get visitors without cost from the natural search engine results listings.

Fixing the leaky sales process
Fixing the leaky sales process
Sales funnels and follow-up systems

Once we have contacts / customers, we build automated systems to encourage testimonials and recommendations and further email and newsletter follow-up to stay in touch with customers and encourage them to come back (it's all about the Customer Lifetime Value!).

And a lot more clever magic going on behind the scenes!

Marketing services for physical therapy practices

Physio marketing webinar

We created a 20-minute Powerpoint presentation about our approach to marketing strategy for practices and the key systems they need to have in place to grow their income and profits (plus it has a bit on the end about how we work with people). We recorded the narration and exported it all as a video that was uploaded to Vimeo for people to view. We also created a short introduction video with Keith talking to camera for the sales page.

The full presentation also has a sales pitch at the end offering to undertake a full consultancy project for a small number of practices at a very discounted rate while we are developing the systems and documentation.

The page on the right is a landing page created in Clickfunnels and shown on the domain using the Clickfunnels WordPress plugin. Clicking the button opens a popup asking for name and email and people are then sent an email with the link to the full presentation.

Click the image to open a larger preview of the top part of the sale page

Click here to see the sales page live
(and feel free to register to see how the process works)

Or Use this link to just see the presentation direct without registering
(it is embedded on a web page with further information about it, this page is hidden from our main navigation)

We also created a workbook to go with the webinar to help people with note-taking.

Use this link to open the PDF file of the workbook

At the end of the webinar and on pages, workbook and follow-up emails, we ask people to get in touch and tell us a bit more about their business using our Practice Information Form.

Practice webinar sales page - top

Social media for physical therapy marketing

We have a private group where physical therapy practice owners can share any marketing issues or questions they have and get feedback from us or other group members. We also post content on the group about what we are doing and what is working to improve profits of our client practices.

Use this link to see the Physio Marketing Magicians Facebook Group
(you would need to request to join the group to see the content but…)

We also have a public Facebook Page that has a lot of our own content on it with comments and feedback from visitors

Physio Marketing Magicians Facebook Page

Physio Marketing Magicians Group Facebook page

Physio marketing courses

We are creating a range of courses for physical therapy practices to show them how to implement our various marketing systems and tools themselves. Each course is complete on its own but usually also has an upsell to a “resources pack” or similar that contains our spreadsheets, graphics, sales funnel, automations, email drafts, forms etc. These tools add a lot of value by giving people the systems and content in a format they can just edit rather than having to create it all themselves from scratch.

We build our own sales funnels for each course which usually starts with a free introductory version of the course that is valuable in its own right but is mainly there as an incentive for people to enter their email address and find out more about the paid course.

Practice webinar sales page - top

Or, as an example of a different way of presenting content, you can view our physio/osteo/chiro guide as an online flipbook.

Physio lead generation funnel

We built a sales funnel under our own brand of “Stay Fantastic” as a landing page for advertising within a local postcode area and to generate leads for local physical therapy practices.

We pay for the advertising ourselves just to prove the point that we can generate new leads and patients for people at a very reasonable cost and we can then approach the individual practices to see if they would like us to keep doing it for them on a continuing basis, and with them getting ALL the local leads!

The sales funnel has a landing page with our guide to treatment options as a “lead magnet” to get peoples' name and email address and then takes them to a list of local therapists with links to the individual practice booking pages. We have some very clever tracking systems in place (if we say so ourselves!) that allow us to know the individual name and email of people that click through to each practice so that it is easy for them to confirm that we have sent them paying patients.

Visitors to the initial sales page who do not enter their email are followed up with “retargeting” adverts on Google and Facebook and those that do register receive a series of follow-up emails with more useful information and encouraging them back to the booking page to contact a practice and book an appointment.

We are always surprised just how many searches there are for terms on our keyword list combined with the names of local towns and postcodes and we have achieved some excellent click-through rates on our adverts and conversion to booking enquiries form the sales page.

Use this link to see the sales page
(and you can register to see how the funnel works, get our guide and the follow-up email sequence)

Or use this link to go direct to the booking page (without registering)

and this link to download the PDF of our guide to treatment options

Once we have chosen which practice of each type to work with in a postcode area (or their catchment area), we can personalise all the content of the adverts, sales and booking pages and email follow-up sequence and make sure that ALL the leads we generate go to just our client practice. We only work with one practice of each type in an area or it would create a conflict of interest and not be fair for the practices.

Practice lead generation sales page

Sales page offering the free report
on treatment options

Practice lead generation booking page

Booking page with links
to local practices

Our end-user site – Stay Fantastic

This is our own generic brand site which we use both for our own affiliate marketing and also as a front end for our client lead-generation promotions, e.g. it fits really well with our marketing to generate leads for physical therapy practices.

We can use our own domain name to display sales pages across a wide range of services and market niches.

The site was built in WordPress using the Newspaper Theme, which is driven by blog post content and allows us to quickly create search engine optimised content plus category and tag pages for any niche we are promoting.

The main thing is that it gives us an interesting domain that has good niche-related content on it that allows us to advertise with credibility on Google and Facebook as well as attracting visitors from the regular search results pages for our target keywords.

Have a look at

Jackie's Leave Your Job guide and funnel

When Jackie was thinking about leaving her full-time job to join me helping people with online marketing, we documented the process she went through, the questions she asked herself and how she assessed her opportunities and options. It was a fascinating time and really interesting how she came to the conclusion that to get what she wanted she HAD to leave her job and start working in her own online business.

Have a look at the sales page for Jackie's Leave Your Job Guide

In addition to the guide, we produced some additional diagrams and documentation which we use as “lead magnets” to encourage people to register for the guide and as different ways of marketing Jackie's story.  You can go to the sales page using the link above and register to see how the funnel works and receive all the items by email, or you can just download them directly using the links below.

Jackie's Leave Your Job guide

Once people register their name and email to get the guide, they are taken to a “thank you” page which displays some other products and courses that they may find of interest – some of our own digital products and some affiliate links.

They are also added to the contact list for the Guide and receive a follow series of emails providing more information and referring then back to the other products that will help them.

Jackie's Leave Your Job guide thank you page and product links
Jackie's Leave Your Job Guide
The snakes and ladders of life
Work out what you want - 3 questions
10 reasons to start an online business

Why leaving your job could
be the best answer
Download the Leave Your Job Guide

Find out where you are on the employment pathway and when to step off.
Click the image to see full size

See my 3 questions to help you decide what's important to you and how to get it.
Download the 3 Questions guide

Read my 10 reasons why working online could be a good option.
Download the 10 Reasons guide

Jackie also has a Facebook Page for posting content related to her guide and interacting with visitors.

Use this link to see the Leave Your Job Facebook Page

Jackie's Leave Your Job Facebook page

Starting an online marketing business

We have a huge amount of information about planning, setting up and running online businesses and we are making that available to people who are getting started as a series of guides.

The first one is about the important step of deciding what sort of online business to be in. Keith's full guide to the types of online businesses and their plus and minus points can save people a huge amount of research time and avoid them making the big mistake of starting off in a type of business that is not going to make them happy and get them what they want.

The landing page offers a free version of the guide, which is valuable in itself but is really there to introduce people to the concepts and make them want to purchase the full guide to get all of the information.

You can click on the image to the right to see a larger versions of the landing page that collects people's name and email address to get the free guide.

Or use this link to see the page live – you can register to see how the funnel works and get your copy of the free guide

Keith's free guide to online businesses

Once people register, they are joined to an email automation that sends them a link to the free guide download and then a follow-up series to encourage them to buy the full version if they have not already ordered it.

You can click on the image to the right to see a larger versions of the sales page for the full paid guide.

Or use this link to see the page live – you can register to see how the funnel works and get your copy of the free guide

Keith's full paid guide to online businesses

Training in the tools you need for an online business

We find that a lot of our consultancy clients really struggle with using the tools and software they need to run their businesses and marketing and waste a huge amount of their time while also getting results that are really not that good. Often, it is just that they have never been shown the basics of how to use the software and don't have time to spend training themselves.

We are sharing a range of courses that we have found really useful and that clients have given us positive feedback on. The first one is on using Microsoft Word, which people use for creating all types of documents (or would if they knew how to use it better).

The Word Basic course is a series of 20 short videos (about an hour in total) that demonstrate the main functionality of the product and we have also written a course guide to go with it.

Our short funnel for the product starts with a sales page for the Word Basic course and, if people order that, continues on to an upsell page for the Word Advanced Course – another series of 20 videos on the more advanced functionality of Word.

Use this link to see the Word Basic Course sales page

As another way into the funnel and also as a free service to clients, we have create a Structured Word Document Template that makes it easy to create longer documents with standardised heading formats and a table of contents (it is the same template we use to create our own courses).

Microsoft Word free structured document template

Click the image above to see a larger version

Use this link to see the live Free template registration page

Microsoft Word Basic Course
Microsoft Word Advanced Course