Increasing profits

We have many years of experience working with all types of online marketing and helping businesses to grow and increase their profits.  In addition to our general marketing work, we like to team-up with partners who have expertise in particular markets in which we have a personal interest or we think have great potential to benefit from our approaches.  Based on their detailed knowledge of their market niche we then develop customised marketing approaches and tools and test them to prove they work before making them available.

Here are the things we are focussing on at the moment and, if you are in one of these markets and would like to find out more about how we could help you apply the latest online marketing approaches to your business, please get in touch.

Physiotherapy (and also Osteopaths and Chiropractors)

Our partner Jackie is a qualified physiotherapist who was in practice for 10 years before working for the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists advising private practices on the best approaches to managing and developing their businesses within the ethical and practical rules of the Society.  She also has a law degree and has worked in Patient Safety and Staff Training in the NHS.  More recently she has developed an interest in online marketing as an effective way for private practices to acquire new patients and how to use Value Ladders, Sales Funnels and Email Automation to develop much better long-term relationships with patients that result in increased profits and more referrals.

Training courses for physical therapy practices

We have been working with Jackie to develop training courses and practical tools for practice managers to implement our marketing approaches in their business without needing technical expertise, web developers or a huge amount of up-front investment.

We are close to launching these training products as well as the sales funnels and other marketing tools we have developed for physiotherapy practices.  Before we do that, we are keen to work with a small number of practices to finalise our systems and documentation and get some statistics on the real improvements in profit people can get by applying them.  We are willing to provide free consultancy and hands-on help to implement our systems for the right people.

For this final part of our development, we want to work with practices that meet the following conditions:

  • Based within about 20 miles of Sutton, Surrey.
  • Owned by entrepreneurial people who want to grow the business and are willing to look at new approaches
  • Established, profitable practice but with resources to grow the business by at least 50% over 12 months
  • Have good financial and operational records so we can quickly create a model of the business and the key drivers of growth
  • Have a senior person who would be able to make time to work with us for about 1 day a week over a 3 week period

If you think you may fit the bill and want to work with us, please get in touch.

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