We are developing a series of courses to cover all aspects of planning and marketing your practice to achieve the financial results you want.  These courses are intended to help you think differently about your business and take advantage of the latest online marketing and automation tools to attract and retain the patients you want while spending less time doing so.  As well as providing the information  you need, we also include spreadsheets, email templates, content suggestions, automations you can import, form code, analytics setups and lots more tools to help you actually make it happen in your practice.

If you don't have the resources or time to do the work needed, we may be able to actually do it for you as well on a consultancy basis.

Our 5-Step Practice Accelerator System

Based on our experience, we have put together a simple system that will make sure you are doing the right things. It starts with deciding what you want and making sure it is possible by modelling your future business so you know exactly what you need to do to reach your goals. It may take a bit longer than just diving in and DOING marketing, but is well worth it. You will have a proper plan of what you want, how to get there and how to target your marketing, THEN you can add in the amazing automated systems that will actually make it all happen.

Profit improvement system

We have produced a 30-minute training webinar on how to use business development and automated marketing tools to achieve the financial results you want. It explains our 5-Step Practice Accelerator System and how you can implement it in your business.  The training session covers:

  • Business analysis
  • Goals and forecasting
  • Modelling and strategy to succeed
  • Mining your patient database
  • Customer and Services matrix
  • Defining your perfect patients
  • Past patient engagement
  • New patient sales funnels
  • Testimonials and recommendations

Use this link to see the recording of our live training webinar and get our workbook, all completely free:


Testimonials and recommendations course

One of the key things for physical therapy practices to get right is their testimonials process – it can make a big difference to your overall marketing and the number of new customers you get from recommendations. From working with practice owners, we have found that most of them do not get the results they should in this area and are even a bit awkward about it, so we have created this course to show you WHY you need do it, HOW to make it work and how to AUTOMATE the whole process so it works perfectly all the time.

Use this link to see full details of the course and the resources pack that goes with it:


Testimonials and recommendations course
Testimonials resources pack

Appointments and pricing information course

The way you display your prices (or don’t!) is probably putting off potential new patients!

Most new patients these days will look at your website to do some research before booking an appointment with you.  It is critical that they get a great impression of your practice with reassurance that you can help them in a professional and safe way and clear information about how they will be treated and what it will cost them.  An important factor in this is how their first appointment will work, what it will cost them and making sure that they believe it will be good value for money.

We have written this guide to share the various approaches people take to providing appointment and pricing information and encourage you to have a serious think about how you do it and whether you are presenting it in a way that has the best chance of converting people who need help with a problem into paying patients for your practice.

Appointments and pricing information course

This guide is being reviewed by some of our practice partners and will be made available online very soon.