We help people with marketing the following specialities and all of the services provided within them:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Osteopathy
  • Chiropractic

We have seen sales funnels and marketing automation have a huge impact on physical therapy businesses in other countries, but it is largely unknown in the UK and practices are still using “traditional” websites that do not work!

You can find out more about sales funnels for lead generation and conversion to appointments on the following pages:

You can also have a look at our posts related to Physical Therapy marketing:

We are creating a series new course for owners of private physiotherapy / osteopathic / chiropractic practices covering all aspects of automated marketing.  These contain practical advice on alternative and more effective ways of managing your marketing and follow up as well as engaging with past patients to encourage testimonials, recommendations and repeat visits.

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We are also working on a much wider programme to help practice owners define what they are trying to achieve with their business and create action plans to make it happen.  This covers things like:

  • Setting business and personal goals in a measurable way
  • Uncovering the key drivers of success in the business
  • Becoming the “go to” expert in the local community
  • Finding the most profitable services provided and defining ideal customer groups
  • Creating sales funnels and automated processes to generate more of the ideal customers
  • Understanding the key business numbers and modelling the growth plans
  • Maximising customer lifetime income
  • Getting patient testimonials and recommendations
  • Analytics, tracking and reporting
  • and a lot more…
Get What You Want course

I want to make sure we don’t leave anything out and that we cover everything a practice owner would want to know. So…

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