• Do your potential new patients know exactly what they want/need and what you do?
  • Do they know the difference between your speciality and others?
  • Physiotherapist / Osteopath / Chiropractor – who should they get to treat them?
  • Why should they book and appointment with YOU?

From our research, most people are not that aware of the options and not really in a position to make a decision on who to see.  They also have anxieties about being treated. This is a HUGE opportunity for you!

If you can give them a simple free guide that helps to educate them about what you do and why you are probably the best solution for their problem, it builds your credibility and increases their confidence in you, making them more likely to book their first appointment.

The information is probably already spread around your website and just needs pulling together and formatting and you can offer it to people who visit your website or sales page.

We would advise asking for their name and email to get the free guide, as then you can follow up if they do not make a booking straight away.

We have written a guide that we use as a “Lead Magnet” to attract new patients across all specialties in a postcode area and we ask for their email address to get it. This particular guide is a neutral view of Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Chiropractic but you can focus mainly on your own speciality and expand on the benefits of coming to you for treatment.

Click here to download the PDF report and see what you think

Or you can preview it as a FlipBook online here

Physio / Osteo / Chiro Guide cover

We would be interested in any feedback or ideas for improving our guide and hope it also inspires you to do something similar for your practice. If you want to chat about how you could use this approach and automate the delivery of the guide and follow up on people who request it, just get in touch.