These are the projects we are currently working on, with links to more about them and the the websites, pages etc. where you can see them operating live.

Left-handed business websites

Anything Left-Handed is the original and largest specialist left-handed business in the world.  It started in a small shop in Soho, London in 1968 and has been run as a mainly online business since 1999. Keith has owned and managed the business for nearly 30 years.

This is the main e-commerce site and is built in two parts using the same design theme and overlapping drop-down megamenu system:

  • Product information, shopping cart and checkout, built using the Sellerdeck e-commerce software
  • General left-handedness information and supporting pages on products and shopping, built using WordPress with a highly customised version of the Responsive Theme.

The product information and all order processing, depatch and customer service is done by a fulfilment partner nbased in the UK. Keith has remote access to their offline systems to manage content and deal with any issues that are escalated.

Anything Left-Handed home page

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We started the annual International Left-Handers Day on 13th August each year back in 1992. It is a celebration of left-handedness and a chance to raise issues related to it, particularly to do with children, but it is also a huge PR opportunity that raises interest and a huge volume of visits to the website and social media channels.  This website is created with WordPress using the same Responsive Theme as the Anything Left-Handed site, but with very different design and functionality.  It is focussed on entertaining and educational content without being too overtly commercial and this allows us to get it featured on the BBC channnels and other places that mmight balk at promoting an e-commerced business.

Left-Handers Day website

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Other left-handed websites and social media – this is a site focussed on the needs of left-handed children and features the reusltsof a major survey we did  on school experiences as well as our range of download ebooks on helping left-handed children.  This is a very old site that was built usaing Dreramweaver and HTML. We have kept it going as it gets good search engine rankings for left-handed child type keyword searches. – this is another WordPress site that is focussed in a non-commercial way on the Left-Handers Club and also holds the results of a number of other surveys we have done.  The LHC has over 80,000 members on its email list and they are sent several newsletter emails each month with a combination of information and product offer content.

Facebook Pages

Main Anything Left-Handed Facebook Page – 25,000 followers and is used to repeat content posted on the ALH blog and newsletters as well as sharing posts from other related sites not owned by us.

Left-Handers Day Facebook Page – 26,000 followers and is used mainly in the lead-up to August 13th each year but also to share most of the content posted on the ALH page.


The LeftHandersClub Twitter account has over 8,000 followers and is used to share content.


We have been experimenting with other social media platforms and The LeftHandersClub Pinterest page has over 1,400 followers and is used to share graphic content across a number of Boards that group it together.

Left-Handers Day website

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