This is me (centre) picking up an E-Commerce Award for Anything Left-Handed and a cheque for £2,000 way back in 2002, when I still used to wear a tie!

Having fun!

NFTs and Crypto Assets

NFTs and Crypto assets – working with project teams on business analysis and modelling tokenomics and business growth.

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My Web Marketing Expert

I am Keith Milsom and I have been full-time involved in online marketing for more than 20 years, running my own e-commerce business which you can see at as well as consulting and presenting on a wide range of marketing and business topics. (I have now sold that business to focus on helping people with online marketing and business development).

Anything Left-Handed

Before that, I originally qualified as a management accountant and held senior roles in various offline businesses before becoming a management consultant and moving into the corporate finance consultancy of a major London accountancy firm. I left there after being invited to join a client as Commercial Director and significant shareholder in a leisure management and sports centre business, which we grew from zero to £35m turnover in 5 years and then sold to a larger leisure operator.

I have learned a lot about growing businesses and making them more profitable and, in particular, how to use online marketing and automation to bring in new customers and keep them coming back to maximise their lifetime value. I have always believed in the advice that:

“It is not enough to do things right, you need to do the right things”.

I have become more and more frustrated over the years watching small business owners working really hard and struggling to make a living because not only do they not do the right things, but they often don’t even know what the right things are! I have a knack for looking at a business and quickly seeing the fairly simple changes that need to be made that will bring in a lot more profitable business and dramatically increase the earnings of the owners.

I have run various other businesses and I have learned the hard way that it is not easy to make money from running your own business!  Of all the business models I have tried, I love online marketing best because you can set up a new worldwide business in a matter of weeks with very little start-up cost and compete on an even playing field with the really big boys by making use of the best marketing automation and analytics tools.  You can also manage the sales process and build relationships with your customers in a very intimate, but completely automated way.

More recently, I have also been working with Web 3.0, Cryptocurrency, DeFi and NFT businesses where I also see the ability to create new operations quickly and my business planning and analytical skills have been very helpful to them.

My plan was always to automate my businesses to such an extent that I could largely leave them to run themselves and keep my income flowing while I went off travelling and doing other things and over recent years I have been able to do that.  I have learned a huge amount about running all aspects of a business and, in particular, how to use online marketing and automated systems to grow a business and make it more profitable while also working less.

I am now in a position where I have the time to help other people do the same and make enough from their businesses to escape and do other things – would you like to have a chat about how I may be able to help you?

Jackie Vokes

Jackie Vokes

Jackie is a physiotherapist by background and worked for many years in both the NHS and private sector before studying law and moving into risk management and clinical governance in the NHS. Jackie believes in balancing a healthy lifestyle with making the most of every day and enjoys being out and about with friends, wining and dining and trying anything new. She also loves dancing (especially salsa, but will try or watch anything) and has travelled extensively all over the world.

She has now given up her full time job to become a self-employed marketer and work with Keith to develop systems and training programmes focussed on helping owners of physiotherapy, osteopathic and chiropractic practices to make more profits from their businesses and achieve their personal goals.

DotComSecrets Book

One thing that really helped me make some major changes and make my business far more profitable was using the ideas and approaches from the DotComSecrets Book.  Click the image on the left to find out more.

What We Think

To help small business owners make more profits and work less by using the right approach to maximising customer lifetime value and using online marketing and automation tools.

You create a business to make money and free up your time, not to work hard without being rewarded properly!

Any work we do with you will generate more additional profit than it costs and you will end up very happy or we will not charge for it.

All of the things we will do for you have been tested in our own businesses first and we know that they will work for you.

What We Do

Online business strategy 95
Building sales funnels and websites 95
Traffic generation and conversion 85
Working smarter using automation 85
Having Fun! LOL 100