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Step-By Step Instructions to make sure YOU can create an
Operational, Profit-Generating Web Site in a Viable Market
and then Grow it Big-Time!

It has been said that 90% of all new online businesses fail within the first year. That may be true as an average but what we would say is:

  • 100% of all new online businesses who do not know what they are doing will fail or give up in their first year, and...

  • 100% of people who have bothered to find out what to do and how to do it and apply themselves to it consistently, WILL SUCCEED
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I have met a lot of great people since I started as a full-time Internet Entrepreneur in 1999 and I continue to learn every day. I have also come across a lot of rubbish and time wasters! I am sure you have seen lots of promises like these on the Internet...

question mark Just follow our proven and secret magic system and you will suddenly start to make loads of money without even having a website, a product or any internet experience. Here is the proof...
question mark My friend Jake was a complete Internet Newbie just 3 months ago but he has discovered a secret loophole in Google that allows him to get a number one ranking for any search term he wants within 10 minutes and without doing anything. And now he is going to share that secret with you...
question mark If you purchase our super-duper new software you will suddenly have more traffic coming to your site than you server can handle and they will all want to buy your product...
question mark We can guarantee you Top 10 listings on page 1 of Google for your keywords and we will only charge you £4,000 a year...

Will any of these things work? I doubt it, but they are often very good examples of high-octane product launches and a lot of people do waste their money on dreams like this. The reality is that there is no magic bullet and you will very rarely create a viable and growing business by not doing very much (if you know different, do please share!).

The good news is that The Internet is a vast opportunity for people who are willing to learn what needs to be done and then apply proven and solid marketing techniques to their Web business. The dream of creating a 24-hour-a-day automated business that pulls in cash while you are doing something else can become a reality, but you WILL need to do a bit of work! (but much less than you would in a "traditional" offline business).

The even better news is that once you have gone through the process for the first time, the second business niche you attack will be a lot easier! (and you will).

If that sound good to you, we are going to get on just fine and you will very likely have a profitable Web business within 6 months.

Who am I?

I am Keith Milsom and I have been a full time Internet Entrepreneur for more than 10 years. I have developed the world's number one specialist left-handed business at as well as a wide range of websites to learn and test other business models, including:

  • Affiliate Marketing,
  • Membership Sites
  • Adsense and contextual advertising income
  • Adwords to affiliate and CPA offers (Google Cash or "Click-Flipping")
  • Use of video content to generate traffic and income
  • Streaming my own audio and video
  • and loads more!

Click here to see an index to some examples of sites I have built and run
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Before I became a full time Internet Marketer, I have had a very wide business background...

  • A Chartered Management Accountant
  • A Business Development consultant
  • A Senior Corporate Finance consultant in the City of London
  • Commercial Director and shareholder in a £20m turnover leisure management business
  • A Personal development trainer and presenter
  • Director of a company producing and marketing personal development and life skills courses
  • Creator, Site Developer and Marketer of the Anything Left-Handed Online business
  • A speaker at conferences on Search Engine Marketing
  • Regional Winner of the UK Online E-Commerce Award (and a cheque for £2,000!)
  • An adviser to E-Commerce businesses on profit improvement
  • And a few other things!

I am not a "Guru" with some magical powers or products! I am a real-world businessman who has learned what works online and what doesn't the hard way.

All in all, I have been around a bit and for the past 10 years while I have been learning about the Web and Internet Marketing I have taken lots of training courses, read hundreds of eBooks and built and tested hundreds of different types of web site and marketing software. I have met and been to conferences (both listening and presenting) with some of the biggest names in the Internet Marketing world, in the UK and the USA.

Keith getting £2000 cheque
Keith (centre) receiving the £2,000
prize cheque (back when I used to
wear a tie!)
E-commerce award 2002
The E-Commerce Award 2002

Why did I set up MyWebMarketingExpert?

As people have seen the success I have had, friends, business acquaintances and, increasingly, complete strangers, have asked me for advice about starting and developing their online businesses and for advice on the information and tools they need. I have also been asked to do individual consultancy projects to manage the online marketing strategy for a range of different businesses and been paid lots of money to do it!

More recently, I am being asked for help more and more by people who have full time jobs but do not feel too safe in them and can see the potential for working online from home on their own business but just do not know how to get started.

I want to help everyone who asks me but I just cannot be everywhere at the same time and, also, people need different things at different stages of their online development and I have found they are keen to learn and try things for themselves rather than just have me tell them what to do. Often, I knew I had written a paper or report about something, given a conference presentation or purchased the rights to the exact software or training they needed, but I couldn't find it in the mass of information on my personal PC (I just had an other internal 750GB disk fitted to make spaced for everything!

So I decided to get a grip on this and get myself organised so I could really help people who asked me. I spent months pulling together all my knowledge, resources, training programmes and practical experience in one place and made it available to you as a member of

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Has it always been easy for me?

No! I spent years struggling to get my web sites up and running and bring in some visitors. I was there at midnight just putting those last tweaks to the code and it STILL not working properly. I have purchased all the magic bullets, fired them off and waited for my bank account to fill up (which it didn't). I have been close to giving the whole thing up many times over the past 10 years but I have been kept going by an unshakeable belief that the Web is the easiest place to get a business started and grow it. I have looked around at conferences and seminars at people who don't know anywhere near as much as me who are making a lot of money online.

What I have come back to again and again is that these people are "doers" who just take small steps but actually implement the step by step process that we all know will actually work. They don't buy all the latest gizmos and superstar training packages, they just learn and practice the basics and keep adding more and better functions and marketing activity to their solid base as they go along.

Over a period of time, you magically end up with a large and successful web site and a profitable online business (but it wasn't really magic, just the predictable result of doing the right things and doing them right!).

So what is the answer?

You need to know what the key steps are that will give you a solid, functioning web business in a profitable market niche and then how to grow it and start adding all the knobs and whistles that, over time, will make you the dominant player in your market.

I aim to provide that to you in the form of a series of concise and practical reports that will be your step-by-step guide to what to do and when.

In support of that, I am going to give you access to all the training, guides, software, websites, online resources and everything else that I have personally used to grow my business plus my own notes and guidance on how to use them all.

This site has been primarily created for existing businesses who are not achieving the success they think they should online, which is pretty much everyone in my experience :). That said, the knowledge and resources I am making available would also be great for anyone who wants to start their first online business,either full- or part-time (in fact, if you are starting "clean" you can build everything exactly as it should be and not bring any baggage to the party!).

There are four levels of membership available, depending on where you are now in the "Internet Food Chain" and how fast you want to ramp up your web profits:


This will give you the information you need to assess the online viability of your current or planned business and to set out an action plan to get it operational. You will understand the online business models available to you and know the priority actions you need to take to get up and running quickly. You will also have access to our training courses and manuals on the basic steps you need to take.


You will receive the full version of my Double Your Profits manual and all the worksheets and check-lists to help you really establish a profitable web operation and bring in the visitors you need as well as access to a far wider range of training materials and resources to make it all happen for you. You will be advised of new strategies, training materials, software and resource as they are added to our library.


This is for serious players who are going to commit regular time and effort over a 6 to 12 month period to make a dramatic difference to their online business and income. This will give you the tools and information to generate a lot more visitors, maximise your sales conversions and "monetize" your site to generate income even from the people who do not buy your own products. It will open up the hugely exciting and profitable world of "Web 2.0" including video sharing, social networking, blogging and bookmarking, that will help you really dominate your market niche.

It also includes membership of our Gold Forum where you can get your questions answered by our experts and membership of Keith's Monthly Ideas Club where you will get to hear about all the leading edge strategies and marketing tools that are making money for the best operators in the world (by the time most people get to know about these things, they are saturated and the top players have long ago moved on!).


As a Platinum Monthly Member we open up everything we have for you to use in your business and as this will be a limited group we can take an active interest in your business and making sure you have all the tools you need to progress. We will then be there with you as you implement the changes to your business and see the results you can get from our most advanced and effective promotional strategies and tools. You will get priority treatment on the Gold Forum to get your questions answered and you will be invited to participate in our regular Platinum Mastermind Webinars where we will tell you about the latest and most effective marketing techniques and tools we are using and answer any questions you have directly. We will also be invited other marketing experts as guests to tell you some of their secrets.

You also have direct personal access to Keith on a consultancy basis and the chance to have him work directly with you on your business development. Plus we will also make the top end tools we use on our own businesses available to you (things like multiple site video submission, researching profitable affiliate programmes, video, slide show and image production). There are some additional charges for these services but you will be getting access to practical hands-on help that will dramatically change your business and you may never know about or be able to tackle on your own!


There is also the Platinum Review option where we will personally review your business and web site and produce a report of our recommendations and strategies. This is not a requirement for the monthly Platinum Membership but would certainly be an excellent start.
Click here for more information on the Platinum Review process and report

There are more details of the membership levels and benefits on our Membership Options page or you can just register for the Free membership, get some great value straight away and find out more about upgrades inside the Member Area


I spend hundreds of Pounds every week on the latest marketing information, killer strategies, site templates, graphics, site building tools etc. and am also a paid members of lots of the "guru" and resource sites. I sift through all this information and take the best of all the new products and ideas to use in my own businesses.

I will also add the products I buy marketing rights to plus my reviews, "synthesised" ideas and testing results for Gold Members to share - this will save you a fortune as well as a huge amount of time and will ensure you have access to the very latest and best web strategies and resources!


Our Internet Marketing Resource Libraries

As part of your membership you will get access to our huge and ever-growing library of all the things you will need to start and grow your business:

  • Reports, manuals and guides
  • Training courses
  • Video training and demonstrations
  • Software and scripts to run on your site
  • Online resources and memberships we recommend

Most of this is completely free for you to download and use as a member and if there are occasionally paid products that we use ourselves in preference to the free versions we will tell you about them and usually get you a free trial or a discount.

This is the type of information you will get access to at the various membership levels:


All the basic information and tools you need to analyse your business, market and competition and set up your web site. We will give you the tools and information and it will be up to you to make the best use of it and find your way around.


More in-depth training resources that will give you practical, hand-on help to make things happen quickly. Our own check-lists and cheat sheets with reference to the supporting materials in the library if you want to go a bit deeper


Training in more advanced strategies and techniques, including video production and submission and making use of the social networks, bookmarking, blogging and other Web 2.0 tactics. Also access to software and scripts that we use in our businesses to make our websites fly. Gold Members also get our insider guides to monetizing websites and making the best use of affiliate and CPA offers to generate lots more income from your visitors.


A step up to our most advanced and effective strategies and tools. Some of these are a bit harder to implement and will need more ability in developing your website and handling more complex marketing activities online, but you will have been well-prepared as a Silver or Gold member. Platinum Members also get access to Resale Rights packages for the information in all our libraries so they can add products to their own websites for resale and, in a lot of cases, re-work and re-brand the products as their own.


Our own reports for Members distill the best of all this knowledge into concise action plans to give you a clear overview of what to do and how. We also provide hundreds of training courses and guides in support of our own work as the focus for Members in different business models and at different times of their development will vary and we want you to be able to get the full story on all the important Internet Marketing techniques as you need them.

One idea from any of our hundreds of library items could be the spark that fires up your particular business into rapid growth and we encourage Members to keep reading, watching and learning as they develop their business. The more you know, the easier it becomes to absorb and implement new information,tools and ideas as they come along and the more all of your site functionality and marketing will combine and feed off each other to boost you to the top of your niche.

So, what do you get as a Free member?

FREE Membership of

This is the place to start and will give you the information you need to assess the online viability of your current or planned business and to set out an action plan to get it operational. You will understand the online business models available to you and know the priority actions you need to take to get up and running quickly. You will also have access to some of our basic training courses and manuals on the steps you need to take.

These are the core contents of the Free membership, although we are adding things all the time so why not just register for free and have a look inside?

Deciding what online business to be in

This is Keith's report and check-lists to help you make sure you are putting your efforts into a business that has a good chance of making profits for you. The biggest mistake a lot of people make is putting their heart and soul (and lots of time and money) into online businesses that are never likely to be successful while missing the real opportunities right in front of them.

Rather than just jumping in and starting to spend money on building web sites, PPC advertising etc., a few hours spent thinking about your business and marketing plans will reward you many times over as you move forwards with your business.

  • How to research your market niche:
    - Keywords
    - Search volumes
    - Competition

  • Deciding on your business model:
    - E-Commerce products site
    - Information products
    - Membership site
    - Affiliate marketing
    - Advertising income

  • Business dynamics
    - Modeling your business and its growth

  • Conversion funnel
    - Thinking about how your site will work and convert visitors into buyers
    - What is the lifetime value of a new customer and how much can you pay to generate a visitor?

  • Other factors to think about
    - Building your web site
    - Creating your products
    - Payment systems
    - Fulfillment
    - Outsourcing

Getting started - creating an operational online business

The hardest Pound (or Dollar) you will ever earn online is the first one! If you can create an online operation that brings in a visitor who wants to buy your product and you can take the order and payment then deliver the product, you are in business! The rest is just about doing more of the same and adding to it as you go along.

Most people never get to that stage because they get bogged down in the complexity of it all and just no knowing where to start and what to do.

Once you have built one operational web business that is taking money, you would be amazed how much easier it is to do the same again in another niche.

My best advice to anyone wanting to get into online marketing - just do it! As long as you follow the basic steps in this guide you will be going in the right direction and you can learn all the things you know along the way. If you wait until you think know everything about all aspects of e-commerce and internet marketing before getting started, it will never happen.

You need to start simple and build yourself an operating framework for your business that works. It is then a lot easier to learn and implement one more trick at a time and you will have a place to "drop in" all the new features, marketing and monetization ideas you are going to learn later.

  • Creating your website
    - Basics of domains, web servers, creating pages and uploading them to be seen online
    - HTML and FTP
    - Payment systems
    - Checking what you have done - code and link validation
    - Creating your sitemap

  • Creating your first page - the first one is the hardest!

  • Making sure your site is "indexable" - can the search engine spiders get at all the page?
    - How search engines work
    - Feeding the spiders
    - Using site maps

  • Checking your content is focused on your target keywords and properly presented
    - Basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    - Titles, meta tags, descriptions and keywords
    - Heading levels and other On-page factors

  • Using analytics so you can see what is going on with your site
    - How to get Google Analytics free and set it up on your site

  • Submitting your site to search engines and directories
    - Manual submission to the top sites
    - Automated submission to all the smaller players

  • Pay Per Click Advertising and why you should do it from the start
    - Principles of PPC advertising and how to set up your account
    - Why you should use PPC early to test keyword conversions
    - Setting things up to give you the best chance of success
    - Making sure you don't lose loads of money quickly

  • Articles and press releases
    - Why articles and press releases are important and will help your site
    - Creating keyword-focused content to spread around the Web

  • Review, analyse, learn and change
    - Analysing you web stats (where are visitors coming from and what do they do on your site?)
    - Learning from the past and action for the future

Training manuals and other resources

In the Free Member library you will be able to download more than 20 training and implementation resources that we have used and recommend to our clients, covering:

  • Niche research
  • Keyword research
  • Competition analysis
  • Link popularity
  • Website creation software
  • HTML and site tools
  • FTP software
  • Graphics editing
  • Sitemaps
  • Validating your code
  • Validating your links
  • Colour codes reference
  • Writing sales letters
  • SEO Basics
  • SEO Reporting
  • List of search engines
  • List of directories
  • Submission pages for main engines and directories
  • Automated submission software
  • Pay Per Click advertising
  • Article marketing
  • Writing articles
  • Article submission sites
  • Writing press releases
  • Submitting press releases
  • Google analytics

and we are adding more all the time

Once you have read these two Free Member guides, started dipping into the supporting training materials and taken action to create your site in the right way and in the right market, you will soon have an operating web business. Congratulations and welcome to the club!

You can get all of this for NOTHING, FREE, ZIP, NADA, ZILCH !!


What's the catch?
Why would we give you all that for nothing?

No catch!

Partly because we want to help like-minded Internet Entrepreneurs :). Plus, we are just starting this training programme and we want new members to participate and get some feedback so we can continue to improve the package. Maybe if you like what you see an it really helps your business, you will send us a nice testimonial that we can share with others.

But mainly because we know that once you see the quality of materials we are producing and how they really can help you create web profits, you will start to trust us a little bit and it will be the beginning of a longer-term relationship.

We have put a huge amount of information into the Free Member Reports and Member Area and it will definitely be of great value to you and your business. Once you are "in the game" we hope you will want to work with us and get access to the practical hands-on help and more advanced strategies and tools in our paid member areas.

The subscriptions from our paid members help us fund our ongoing market research, product purchases and testing and to provide the expert support that our members need. We also hope that you will be an active participant in our Forum and share your experiences with other members as well as getting help from them and us.

This only works if all our Members are making good profits form their online ventures and we can help them continue to grow their businesses - we love a WIN-WIN situation and try to create as many as possible!

Shall I join NOW?

Don't waste any more of your time in indecision or messing about on the Web without really knowing what to do!

Stop waiting for the magic solution and wasting money on all the latest "guru" products that have never worked for you in the past.

We are really excited about all the great strategies and resources we have put together and we are sure they will definitely impact your business and profits for the better. Once you get some clarity about where you are going, the actions all seem to get a bit easier.

Some people have said we have put too much value in the Free Area, but we are going to leave it there for now to get feedback from members. But it is very likely that we will have a re-think soon, cut down the free components and move more into our paid member areas, so take advantage of us while you can!.


We want to make sure you succeed online and give you the information and resources to do so. If you read Keith's FREE reports on setting up and growing your business and don't think they will help you make back significantly more money than they have cost you, we will happily refund everything you have spent!!

Only joking - There is nothing to spend, so you can't go wrong!

Click here to get immediate access to the FREE member area

I really hope that you find some ideas and resources here that will help you start and grow YOUR web business and look forward to hearing about your successes.

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Best wishes for your online success.

Keith Milsom

P.S. To paraphrase an old proverb:

  • Some people take steps to make their web business happen
  • Others watch enviously while people build businesses online
  • The vast majority haven't got a clue what is going on!

Which are you? Don't let this opportunity pass you by - Join Free Now